On Opus 2, the documents will be organized in folders in the Documents tab. You can upload a single file, folder, or a top level folder with a number of documents and sub folders contained within using the Upload tool.

1. Click the Upload button in the Documents Toolbar.

2. Click on ‘Select File’ to browse to the document you wish to upload.  Users can also drag and drop folder structures (in Chrome) and/or documents into the window and Opus 2 will retain the folder structure upon upload. If you need to change the destination folder, then click on the folder icon next to “Destination” and select the appropriate folder.

3. You have a few different options regarding the OCR on the document set you are trying to upload:

                    - If Needed: Opus 2 will identify the documents that need OCR and if a document contains 10 OCR'd characters or less than Opus 2 will reprocess the OCR.

                    - Force: Opus 2 will OCR every document, even if it is over the threshold of 10 OCR'd characters.

                    - Ignore: Opus 2 will not OCR any of the documents 

If you have any accents in the titles of the filenames, it will be necessary to OCR the documents offline and ensure you select "Ignore" when you are uploading them to Opus 2. 

4. You also have a few options regarding how to process the document set but some documents should always be uploaded as native files (e.g. excels, video, audio, CAD drawings etc.):

                    - Convert to PDF: Will convert all documents that it is able to into PDF format (word, powerpoint, images, plain text etc.) 

                    - Force Native Slipsheet: Will make every document go up as a native file which has to be accessed by downloading the file locally.

                    - Convert to PDF + Native Slipsheet (if conversion fails): Will convert documents that it is able to and if not they will be added as natives. 

5. Once you have added the files, selected the correct destination and changed the OCR and processing as necessary, click Upload and Opus 2 will begin to process these.

6. You can click the Upload Manager to see the process of the upload or wait for the progress bar to complete. You can also pause and stop the upload if required and if it stalls for some reason, it will restart as soon as the connection is stable again. Once the upload has completed you can Download Report or look at the Statistics if required.