The Import Metadata tool allows for automated importing of metadata from a CSV load file. Opus 2 creates the following default fields for every workspace but additional fields can be added if required: 


Defaulted Metadata Field


Bundle Reference
Tab Number or Order
Default date field
Suggested: Any date field should START with “Date” to sort properly within Opus 2 (e.g. DateSent rather than SentDate”)
The document title or description
Disclosure ID
Magnumid (Back-end field)
Internal unique ID
Displays native icon in native field
Click on icon for quick export

Step-by-step guide

1. To access the tool, click the Tools button and choose Import Metadata.

2. The Import Metadata CSV dialogue box will then open which displays the various options for importing metadata. Click Select File and then browse to the required CSV load file. Once the CSV is selected, the dialogue box displays the metadata fields and data values contained in the load file. 

3. Documents in Opus 2 must be matched to the load file using a unique field. With the drop-down selections, choose the field in Opus 2 (Magnum Document Field) that matches the unique identifier you have put in the CSV file (CSV Column). Opus 2 will title documents by the original filename upon upload, so generally this will be the Magnum Document Field that you need to match to. If everything can be matched then all of the columns and rows will turn green, any that Opus 2 is not able to match will remain red. Opus 2 will being matching documents automatically but if necessary you can click Match to restart the process. 

4. You can choose to apply the metadata information to the entire workspace, a specific folder or a specific tag. Document matches will be displayed on the right. You can untick the checkboxes on the right if you do not want to apply metadata to documents that do not require updating. In the bottom left Opus 2 will list the number of entries, the number that have matched and the number of multiple matches it has found. 

5.  Click on the Import button to start the import process and a working dialogue box will display the progress of the import. You will then need to refresh your browser to view the changes.