In Opus 2, whilst you can upload documents in a folder structure it may be necessary to create additional folders occasionally. These folders can be customized for any name or color desired by the user.

1. Click on the New Folder button in the Documents tab toolbar to create a new folder.

2. Click on Change to open the Upload Destination to set this. Choose the Destination folder within the workspace to create a top-level (Home) or nested folder (choose a parent folder to nest under). To create a nested folder within an existing folder, simply click on the desired existing folder to select it. When you have named the folder select Apply to create it.                                  

3. To change the Folder Color, right-click on the desired folder and select Folder Color from the menu. You can select the desired colour from the palette and can set the same colour for all sub-folders within the parent folder by checking the box next to this option.

4. You can change the name of the folder at any time by again right-clicking and selecting Rename.