You can move documents in bulk, add a number of documents to a custom bundle in bulk or tag documents in bulk using this tool. 

Step-by-step guide

1. In the Documents tab, click the Tools button and then choose Bulk Organise tool.

2. In the dialogue box, choose the metadata field that contains the unique values that will be used to match the documents, e.g. DocID, BegBates, MagnumID etc. In the empty box you can type or paste the list of unique values that will match the documents and when you click Find, Opus 2 will search across the workspace for these unique values. Matched documents will be highlighted in orange and the unmatched documents will be highlighted in pink. 

3. You can select the Custom Bundle that you want to move the documents into from the drop down next to Bundle, or click on Select Tag or Select Folder to open the separate dialogue box that will allow you navigate to the required tag or folder. Once you have selected the correct custom bundle, tag or folder, you will need to click to either Add to Bundle, Apply Tag or Move Documents. 

4. Opus 2 will then run a search across the workspace and either add, tag or move the documents as requested. The documents will turn green if they have been successfully added, tagged or moved or will remain pink if no action could be taken with them. You will need to refresh your browser to view these changes.