Stamps are required to get any kind of pagination to appear on a document. You can apply different Stamps to the document set if required, for example you could apply the Document ID as well as the Bundle/Tab/Page references. To create a new stamp click on Tools from the Documents view and select Manage Document Stamps. 

Next click on Create New Stamp and then change the specifications in the Document Stamp dialogue box as required. You will see the example text change as you make your selection:

  • Stamp Name: The name that you want this stamp to be given
  • Header: If you require a label on the page before the information
  • Body: Allows you to combine more than one field and specify a delimiter, e.g. Bundle/Tab/Page. You will need to click Advanced to choose the information required
  • Footer: If you want information to appear in the footer on all pages in all documents
  • Border: Can be changed to suit your requirements
  • Position: Can be moved to accommodate pre-existing stamps and to ensure there is no overlap if you have more than one stamp