Opus 2 allows you to create custom bundles that are shared with other users on your workspace. These allow users to collate documents in a structure different from that in the "main" hearing bundle. e.g. you may wish to collate all documents relating to a particular witness/party.

Custom bundle entries are effectively bookmarks on the index which act as shortcuts to the original documents, so any notes you make on a document in a custom bundle will be made on the original document in the bundle and vice-versa. 

Custom bundles are created in the following way:

1. Click on New Custom Bundle in the menu bar and give your new bundle a name e.g. C/E of Mr X

2. Then either:

                         (a) Right-click on any document in the index, and select Bundle under the Add to section:


                        (b) Or, if you are in a document, click on Tools in the tool bar and select Add to Bundle:

You can elect to add the whole document or selected pages to the relevant custom bundle:

It is important to note that custom bundles are visible to everyone who has access to your workspace. 

Click here to see an overview video.