In order to delete a custom bundle folder you have created you will need to Right Click > Delete, however there are a few points of advice that you may find helpful: 


  • Export a Back Up CSV – Whenever we conduct large scale exercises which effect the contents of the workspace, such as a deletion exercise, the first thing we would do is export a CSV and save it off in a safe location. This acts as a record in case the structures ever need to be reviewed and also, a backup in the event a bundle is deleted in error, allowing you to recreate easily as necessary. 


  • Empty the Trash – Once you select Delete in the Documents page, the documents are moved to the Trash therefore technically not being fully deleted. If they are no longer needed, they should be removed from the Trash to improve workspace performance. In doing so, we would suggest deleting from the trash in batches of 1,000 documents or less to prevent potential browser timeouts. If the trash is already above this number, you are able to select multiple entries and Right Click > Delete to permanently remove them from the trash, rather than pressing the Empty button.  


  • Batch Sizing – When deleting the custom bundles from the documents page, we would suggest deleting them in batches, either bundle by bundle or groups of bundles depending on the size of the folders. In doing so, we often find it helpful to keep a list of the custom bundles which need to be deleted and then tick them off as you go, allowing for easy tracking of the overall task. Also, deleting in smaller batches should assist with efficient performance of the task rather than deleting all of them in one go, depending on the number to be removed.

Whenever you have completed a large scale removal of custom bundle entries please reach out to Opus 2 so we can clear some of the information that is stored on the backend.