This Guidance is applicable to the Opus 2 platform, Version 7.6


Opus 2 is pleased to announce its latest release of the Opus 2 platform. This release includes many feature improvements including granular two factor controls, and further improvements to Chronology and the new Ingestion manager. 


Feature Improvements

Two Factor Authentication

With the release of 7.6, System Admins now have granular control over two factor authentication for users. This includes:

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication for users who have not yet registered. 
  • Choose Two Factor Authentication as login method when inviting new users. 
  • A simplified and easier to use Two Factor Registration page for new users. 

Further to the above, System Admins can now also enable / disable multi-device login on a user by user basis from the System Admin page, granting individuals the ability to login on multiple devices at once. 


  • Workspace Admins can now set the Timezone for email conversion on ingestion. Further to this, they can choose to show this timezone on the converted PDF if required. Historic Data is not impacted by this change. 
  • General Improvements to language and visual cues on Ingestion manager page. 


  • Custom Bundles with ACL now have updated colour icons for clearer visibility. Please contact your support team for a breakdown of the tool. 


  • Improvements to formatting retention of XLSX Chronology Imports.
  • Exports of Chronology in PDF format with linked documents will now link directly to specific pages (if applicable).
  • Ability to add time to the end of Date Ranges.
  • Fixed DOCX Exports when content contained special characters. 
  • Added ability for Chronology Admins to remove all Sources from a Chronology.
  • Annotations with Chronology Links show full annotation tool set rather than just a highlight.

System Admin

  • Workspace ID is available on Billing Tab and in Billing Reports, allowing for easier identification and tracking of workspaces.


  • Users can now right click a folder and select "Export Natives" - this will allow for export of the original files, slipsheets or underlying natives. 
  • Annotations included in exports now show the date and time of note creation.

Bug Fixes

Alongside new features and improvements to the existing functionality, we have also fixed a number of bugs relating to chronology and characters. If you have any questions about what has been resolved, please contact Opus 2 support.