This Guidance is applicable to Opus 2 release version 7.8


Opus 2 is pleased to announce its new release of the Opus 2 platform. This release includes improvements to our Document components, such as Autolinking and Bulk Organize. We have also updated our Chronology interface to reflect more accurate time-zone options. For system admins, there is an improvement to email functionality within the platform, overhauling the look and feel of email invitations, as well as adding a new email notification for reactivated users.


Platform Improvements



Autolink is now more efficient with Folder-level Autolink. End Users can now run the Autolink tool across the folder level - generating links across numbers of documents in one click - saving man hours for any legal team. Reports can also be exported in XLSX format, giving a breakdown (per document) of any links not created.

To make workflows even easier for the end user, Workspace administrators can now set multiple default reference formats on a per workspace level. Reducing the scope for end-user error when using the autolink tool. 


We have added a new metadata field to redaction for recording keeping purposes, this is "Date_Redact" so you can see when a redline or redaction was applied. 

Bulk Organise

Previously the bulk organise tool was only available to administrators of any workspace. This has now been separated out into a role capability for Workspace Administrators or System Admins to deploy to end users. 

Further to this, users with this capability can now export an index of any documents in the bulk organize tool to XLSX or CSV - allowing for quick exports of document metadata even across multiple folders - reducing the dataset size to just what the user needs.

Your Bulk Organised list of documents will now retain the input order when adding the Documents to a tag or moving them to a different folder on the workspace.


Ingestion reporting is now more accurate, showing a page count for OCR per document in a batch as well as an accurate final summary breaking down overall statistics for the batch. Namely, these statistics reflect the following: Number of Documents attempted to upload, Number Completed, Number of Failures and Number of Pages OCR'd in total).

We have also added a quick filter option to Ingestion - allowing you to quickly see which documents may or may not have been uploaded to the platform in any batch. 


We've overhauled the way Dates and Times work in Chronology to make sorting, import and export more user friendly and accessible. 

New Date and Time-zone Handling

When creating a new workspace, or adding an Entry in a new Chronology, you will see an updated Timezone Field. Previously, our time-zones were fixed to Summertime, EST, PST, BST etc. However, they now reflect region and city time-zones - so you can accurately set data to reflect the time, no matter which point in the year.

Changes to Import and Export Process 

When exporting a Chronology, you will now see some additional fields, these are:

  • Timezone, 
  • UTC Time.

UTC Time is a fixed value and will not impact your import back into the system. This is used purely for user reference to see all dates and times in a single time-zone offline when working in Microsoft Excel or a Spreadsheet platform.

The Timezone field reflects what you see in the platform, for example, Americas/Los_Angeles. A full list of these cities can be found here.


Characters Filter

A small but helpful new workflow, Notes can now be filtered and sorted by their attributed Characters. 

Integration Updates


Authentication Methods

We have now added the ability to use Bearer Authentication tokens rather than individual logins to link your Relativity instance with Workspaces in the Opus 2 platform. This authentication method removes the need for a generic account without MFA or SSO to link to Relativity and gives stronger controls to your Relativity Admins over what is accessible in the Opus 2 platform - as well as the ability to revoke access from the Relativity side. 

Opus 2 Transfer

Direct Ingestion to Opus 2

You can now ingest documents directly from Opus 2 Transfer into your workspace on Opus 2. For more information on how to use this, please contact the Platform Support Team.

System Administration

Email Look and Feel

Emails contain more information useful to the end user - these being:

  • Dedicated Link to our end user guidance
  • Support Contact Details (Phone and Email)
  • Workspace URL
  • Training Contact Details.

All of these details are configurable by System Admins - so while working with the Opus 2 Team, Enterprise support teams can now direct new end users to internal documentation, internal training teams and internal support details - all from initial setup, reducing the need for number of emails circulated. 

Finally, System Admins can now enable auto-cc on automated email invites, allowing them to ensure emails have been dispatched correctly to end users.

Email Notifications

System admins can now choose to send email notifications to end users when they re-activate their accounts, these emails will remind users of the workspace details, as well as all of the above information to get them back into the platform as smoothly as possible. 

To configure the above, please contact the Platform Support team and they will be happy to help you.

Bug Fixes


  • CSV Exports of Chronology Facts from the Characters Tab, now include correct Date and Time values, rather than 'NaN:NaN:NaN'
  • Date and Time Values are now visible when using the Select a Chronology Entry Dialog from within the Documents tab.
  • When scrolling through larger Chronologies, the page would appear blank or not load entries - this has now been resolved, meaning you can move about quickly, without losing visuals of the entries. 
  • Timezones and Dates now export "as you see on screen", rather than UTC - preserving timezones for offline use. 
  • Imports with Date ranges now include the full range, rather than just the starting value. 
  • Entries without times will no longer automatically add 00:00 after a refresh or import. 
  • Entries with the same Date but different time zones will now sort with respect to their timezone. 
  • Corrected the wording on Link Entries to Sources, where it would refer to the number of links as "Documents", rather than the true count of Documents being linked. 
  • Fixed an issue where the "Link Entries to Sources" dialogue would not appear. 
  • Fixed an issue where creating a link to a Chronology entry would show an empty dialogue to the user and not create the link. 
  • Custom Number fields would not sort correctly if there were blank fields, this has been resolved. 
  • Fixed an issue where setting the timezone to "None" would delete the date and timestamp. 
  • Fixed an issue where some Chronology Entries would be missing Characters data in an exported report. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Source Link Report dialogue would be too small and have overflowing text. 
  • Fixed the Timeline Filter functionality to respect the filter tool. 


  • Fixed an issue where the Filter tool would not respect the "Links/Annotations" option when chosen by the user. 
  • Fixed issues with Tags in the Word Document index, these now show the correct Name/Label rather than TagID - and also reflect the correct Tag Path as seen on the platform.
  • Fixed an issue where the Export Manager Error Report would have a double ".csv.csv" extension. 
  • Fixed an issue on ingestion with lower and uppercase extension queries. 
  • Fixed an issue where a saved Filter with Dates or Date Modifiers would not work. 
  • Occasionally when switching to the Tag View whilst using a filter, then back to Documents would cause issues with Folders on the platform, this has been resolved.
  • HTML Indexes would sometimes be a different order from the User View on platform, this has now been resolved to be "as seen on the platform". 
  • Emails would not process when attempting to use Redaction - this has been fixed. 
  • On ingestion of EMLs with EML attachments, these now both convert to PDF successfully.
  • Right-Click Menu has been tidied up to have better spacing between options. 


  • Users can now export Note Reports, even if Document View has been disabled for their Role. (i.e. Transcript access only).

System Administration

  • Fixed an issue where Shift-Click would not be respected when selecting multiple users or workspaces in the System Admin Tab. 

Need Help? Contact your Platform Support team.