You can create your own strategic hyperlinks to share with just your team as follows:

Highlight the relevant section of text (writing a note if required) and then click on the Link button towards the bottom of the annotation dialog.

This will bring up a view of the document index in the dialog, allowing you to browse to another document or transcript and create a link at:

  • Document level by clicking on the paper icon to the side of the document title and selecting Apply;
  • Page level by clicking on the paper icon for the document, selecting the relevant page from the drop-down page list in the bottom left of the dialog and selecting Apply or;

  • Paragraph level by clicking on the document name, which will launch a preview of the document enabling you to navigate to and highlight / annotate the relevant section of text – don’t forget to hit Save in the pop-up dialog.

The end result will vary depending if you have added a note to the original annotation or not. If you have the highlighted text will now be underlined in blue and the note box will have a Link icon to the top right:

If you did not write a note then the highlighted passage will be underlined as above but no note box will be visible.

NB – strategic hyperlinks are two-way links. 

Click here to see an overview video.