Characters offers enhanced witness management capabilities on the Opus 2 platform. You can now analyse your case information with greater flexibility and new angles to derive smarter insights quickly.

In the Characters tab you can create a character for every key individual on your matter and then associate relevant documents to them.

To begin using Characters you will first need to add a new Character. From the Characters tab click Add.


A box will then appear asking for the name of the character. Enter the name and click Apply.


An entry will be made for the new character, and you can then proceed to fill out the rest of the details via the form on the right.

Once you have filled out the relevant details, click on Save Changes and the character will be complete. Should you wish to add an employment history for the character as well as any comments, you can do so via the Employment History  and Comments tabs on this form. 

You can then start linking documents, transcripts, chronology entries and notes to characters.

Click here to see an overview video.