When creating an annotation or note on Opus 2 you can link the annotation to either individual or multiple characters that have been created on your workspace.

To do this first highlight the passage you wish to link as if making a standard annotation. When the note box appears click on the Characters icon which appears below the note box, and any note tags that you have created.

IMPORTANT: Any notes linked to a character will be visible to your entire team on the workspace via the Characters view, no matter what permissions are set in the note.

Once you click on the Characters icon you will be brought to a dialogue box where you can search for the character you wish to link the note to. Start typing the name and you should see the character appear in the suggestions. Select the character and then click on Apply.

You will be brought back to the note box where you will now see the character's name listed next to the Characters icon. If you wish to link to any further characters then you can repeat this process. You can also remove the link using the cross icon next to the name. Finally click on the Save icon to complete the note.

The note will be visible on the document and from the Notes tab. 

As well as this, if you go to the Characters tab and click on the character, you will be able to view the linked notes via the Notes subsection. Each entry acts as a link which will open the document at the note when you click on the row.