The Chronology feature allows you to build a timeline of relevant events in the matter and gives you the ability to link supporting documents and/or text to these events, add meaningful descriptions and Tags as necessary.

There are several ways to create items in the Chronology:

1. Click on New Entry in the menu bar on the top of the screen. A dialog will come into view where you can add relevant information about the item in your Chronology. You can choose a type, include a date & time, set a status, add Tags, as well as link to a character by clicking on the Characters icon and supporting documents within the Bundle by clicking Add a Source. Once you have added all the relevant information select Save to add it into the Chronology.

By default, you will not see any Custom Fields and you will only see the core options for Type & Status; if you would like any additional fields or options to be created please contact the Projects team. 

2. Right-click on a document or set of documents and select Add To Chronology. You will have the option to add the selected document(s) as a new entry or add to an existing entry.

3. Highlight text within a document or transcript and then select the Chronology button. Again, you will have the option to link the selected text to a new entry or add to an existing entry.

Click here to see an overview video.