You can edit, duplicate or delete an entry on the timeline by right-clicking on the appropriate entry when in the Chronology tab. You can also edit an entry by clicking on the Pen and Pad icon.


Multiple documents can be linked to a single item and any documents that are linked to, will automatically appear in the in the ‘sources’ column of the Chronology. 

Clicking on the thumbnail of the document in the sources column will bring up a preview of the document, which you can then click to launch the document in a new tab.

You can customise the fields displayed within the Chronology using the View dropdown to select the desired fields.

Each workspace can have additional Chronologies if required and these can be created by contacting the Projects team by email or telephone. You can use the drop-down menu in the top left of the browser to switch between multiple Chronologies.

Click here to see an overview video.