As you work through the document set available to you, it may occur as you go to add certain documents to a custom bundle. This can be done from within a document by selecting Tools and then Add to Bundle from the menu that then appears:

After selecting the above, you will then see a window within which you can add the entire document, or specify a page-range from the document to add. Once this and the destination bundle is selected, click Add to Bundle.

You can also right-click a document’s title on the Documents page and select Bundle under the Add to section to bring up the same window to select which pages to include and which custom bundle to add the document to.

If there are numerous documents to add, you can simply select all the documents you want and then add these selected documents to a custom bundle. For example, if you wished to add the documents at B/2 and B/6 from the below screenshot, you can left-click on one of the files’ title (this will highlight the entry light-purple, indicating it’s selected). 

Then, to add more documents to the selection, you can hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard whilst left-clicking on the others. You should then see highlights as per the below screenshot:

To add more documents to the selection, you can simply scroll to the appropriate document(s) and once again hold down CTRL and the left-click on the relevant documents. Be aware that left-clicking otherwise will de-select all the documents you have selected up to that point.

It is also possible to select a range of documents within one folder. For example, if you wished to add all the documents from B/2 to B/6 to a custom bundle, you can left-click on one of these two documents, then, holding Shift on your keyboard, left-click the other of these two documents. This will select all the documents from B/2 to B/6, inclusive. i.e. you should click on the documents first and last in the range of documents you want selected.


Once all the desired documents are selected, right-click on the most recently selected entry, click Bundle under the Add to section. 

The above can also be processed on documents when viewing the Documents page via the tag view:

N.B. – as you are selecting multiple documents, it is not possible to select a page-range for addition. The platform will add every document selected to the custom bundle, in full.