Documents will appear in the custom bundle with an indication of the applicable page range – this is particularly useful if you have only isolated an extract of a document.

Right-click on the relevant custom bundle and select:

  • Delete to delete the entire custom bundle. The original documents in the workspace will not be deleted.
  • Export DOCX Index to download a Word index of the custom bundle.
  • Properties to view how many documents and pages are contained in the folder.
  • Sort by to order the documents by date / document name / page.

You can also right click on a document to: 

  • Delete documents. 
  • Move them to another custom bundle. 
  • Reorder them within the folder.

If you did not add the documents to the custom bundle originally, you will need to find the user who did or speak to the Opus 2 team.

Note that deleting a document from a custom bundle will not have any bearing on the document elsewhere in the workspace, as the custom bundle entry is just a placeholder that links back to the original version.