Once you have hyperlinked documents on Opus 2 you can see all the documents referred to therein by clicking on the Links icon in the index:

Click on Show to see a side-by-side view of the document and the exhibit:

Using the drop-down Select Incoming Link box on the right, you can see every instance where a particular document has been referenced or, using Select Outgoing Link, see every document that the document on the left refers to.

From this list you can select which document you would like to view and the page will update to show the document on the left side of the show links view. This is what we term the "full circle of hyperlinking", as you can see every incoming and outgoing link using this view. 

Accessing Show Links from Within a Document

Show Links can also by accessed when within a document. This will allow you to access the incoming links easily from within documents that do not have any outgoing links to bring you into this view, as in the above example.

From within a document, select the Tools dropdown from the toolbar towards the top right of the screen. Then select the Show Links option.

This will again bring you into the Show Links view and here you can use the Select Incoming Link on the top right to see all documents that link to the document you were viewing.