If you wish to undertake a more forensic search you can create complex queries using the Builder tool:

You can use the Builder tool to add a number of different arguments to build your search query and use the ‘+’ sign to add more terms.

You can drag and drop the following options to build your query:

●      AND  shows results where both terms exist anywhere in the text of a single document or transcript e.g. dog AND cat

●      OR – shows results where one term or the other exists e.g. dog OR cat

●      Near – search for two terms or phrases which appear within 2-30 words of each other

●      Fuzzy – find keywords which may have been misspelled or which may have slightly different spellings up to one or two characters out.

As part of building your complex search query you are able to GROUP your results and use this to build the query:

As you build the query by entering more information the query box will update automatically with the additional information, so you are able to use this information elsewhere if necessary.

You can order your results by Relevance, Date, Document Name or Reference and save your queries so that you can return to them later.