You can search through the content of documents and transcripts via the Search tab - this is to be distinguished from the Find function which only searches the through the metadata on the platform, not the content within documents. 

Enter a search term or sentence in the query box and the results will be generated below, indicating the number of ‘hits’ in each document, and displaying some of the metadata associated with that document:

The table view of your search results can be customised by using the View icon to the top left of the page:

By clicking on a row within the results you can expand that result. Then by clicking on one of the highlighted search terms found in that document, you can see the page where it was found on the preview panel to the right. Clicking on the preview panel from here will open the document itself in a new tab on your browser.

Refine your search by including only certain bundles using the Filter button. Once you have made your selection within the Documents, Transcripts and Tags   sections the Filter button will turn blue to indicate that it is active.

All of the above searching techniques are reliant on the documents being OCR’d correctly on Opus 2.