At the bottom of the Realtime transcript wall is the Team Chat box. This box can be used to send quick messages to your team and is intended to replace having to pass post-it notes around.

To send a message to your team, click into the text box and type your message. Then press Enter on your keyboard to send the message. 

The message will appear on the wall for every member of your team who has access to the Realtime transcript.

IMPORTANT: This message cannot be edited or deleted once sent and will be transferred onto the finalised transcript at the end of the day.

Private Chat

Private Chat messages can also be sent, using the Private Chat icon to the left of the team chat box. First click on the Private Chat icon and then use the tick-boxes to choose who you wish to start the private chat with and click Start Chat.


A small box will appear to the left of the private chat icon where you can write your message.