When either on the live or end of day transcript you can navigate using the space between the transcript and the transcript wall.

In this space you will find the Timeline. You can click and drag your mouse up and down to change your position on the transcript. As you move your mouse you will see a box which lets you know the page and time that you are currently viewing.

Below the timeline are the Page and Time search boxes. Simply either input the desired page or time into their respective boxes to be brought to that position on the transcript.

With the parties’ consent and the permission of the Judge/Tribunal, Opus 2 transcripts can be synchronised with the audio recording of the day’s proceedings. To access the audio, simply double click anywhere in the transcript to start playing the audio stream:


Transcripts in Opus 2 are fully searchable. Simply enter the word you wish to locate in the Find in Transcript bar in the centre of the toolbar to generate a list of every instance where that word appears in the transcript:


 Click on the various page and line references to navigate to the relevant point in the transcript.