Copy Mode is a shortcut tool available when viewing a document that allows users to quickly highlight and copy text from a document, without the annotation dialogue showing and manually navigating to the clipboard. 

Document will need to be text searchable (OCR'd) to allow text to be copied. 


1.  Turning Copy Mode On - When viewing a document, from the purple toolbar at the top of the page select the Clipboard icon to turn Copy Mode on and the icon should appear green once toggled.

  1. Include 'Doc. Name' or Pagination - You are able to include the document's 'Doc. Name' metadata or Pagination value within the copied data by selecting the dropdown and checking the relevant boxes

2.  Copying Text - Select the text / area required. The text should be copied to your clipboard automatically, ready to be pasted, with a confirmation message appearing in the top left. You can repeat the highlighting multiple times or change the tag to be applied via the dropdown.

3.  Turning Copy Mode Off - Copy Mode can be turned off by toggling green the Clipboard icon and the icon should change to the default white.

You will need to turn Copy Mode on after refreshing the page or navigating to a different document.