General Functionality not working as anticipated or some tools not responding

Opus 2 is designed to be used on Google Chrome so there are some features that may not operate properly or at all on other browsers. We are aware that Internet Explorer has some limitations when using Opus 2 as some of the day-to-day features do not operate properly on this browser. 

If you are already using Chrome and experiencing a functionality issue then it may be that you need to clear your browser cache. On Chrome press ctrl+shift+delete.


On the page that appears, select 'All time' from the Time range option at the top and then make sure the Cached images and files option is ticked. All other options can be left and then select the Clear data icon. Finally refresh the Opus 2 browser tab. If the issue persists then please get in contact with the Projects team who will be able to look into the issue for you.

Search doesn't give the results I think it should

As Opus 2’s search function is reliant on the text data contained within the PDFs themselves, if you run a search and see documents with the searched terms not appearing in the results it is most likely due to the document in question not being OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition). Without this the document is essentially a series of images and will need to be OCR’d for Opus 2 to include the text content within searches. Please see the articles on OCR if you are unsure of how to do this.