Users are able to utilize the Tags or Custom Bundle functionality to collate documents outside of the shared folder structure. This is useful for things such as “witness cross-examination packs”, internal core bundles or general categorization of documents.

For example, users may find it useful to collate all the documents they wish to refer to during a particular witness’s cross-examination, or tag all documents relating to a date-range, individual or theme.


Custom Bundles or Tags?


These two features differ slightly in functionality. Custom Bundles are more flexible in that you can add the same document to a custom bundle multiple times and can add an excerpt of a document instead of the full-document. With Tags, this is a strictly binary feature – a document either has a particular tag applied to it or it does not. i.e. it is not possible to tag a document twice with the same tag.

Custom bundles are therefore most useful for cross-examination bundles, as it allows users to collate documents (or just the relevant pages of documents) and have them repeat in the bundle if needed. 

E.g. you may have pages 1-4 of a document added to a custom bundle, as well as pages 6-8 from that same document elsewhere in the custom bundle. Tags are most useful as a means to categorise documents as, for example, “Hot Documents”, “Relating to Defendant 1”, “Quantum” etc. Furthermore, any tags applied to a document can also be seen on the Documents page index:

Further information on Custom Bundles can be found here:

Further information on Tags can be found here: