A load file is the document used to import metadata into the Opus 2 platform and is needed for document uploads and inserts made on the platform. They should be in Excel format (.xls/.xlsx) as this allows the metadata within to be clearly organised and can be re-organised with ease, allowing us at Opus 2 to apply all the data or work around any queries we have for particular entries.

The load file should include an individual row of metadata for each file provided. Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data. For example, an email will have certain objective information assigned to it such as date, time, author, recipient and this is all classed as metadata.




Furthermore, there are three compulsory columns that are required on a load file in order for us to upload the documents to the platform, these being the Filename, Bundle and Tab columns, which between them inform us which file that row of data relates to (n.b. the filename must be a character-for-character match), as well as where on the platform it should be located.

Beyond these three columns, the parties can add whatever columns they believe will be of use. Most commonly, information such as the title, date or Document ID will be included, but any other text field can be added to the platform as needed by the parties. Furthermore, additional columns can be added after the initial upload. i.e. we do not need all the columns and metadata identified to us in the first instance - it can be edited/added to at a later date.

You can also generate and export load files from disclosure platforms and match them to documents based on the filename.